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Privacy policy

Primeworks Attorneys (hereinafter, “Primeworks”) declare that all our staff understand the importance of personal information, that protection of personal information is a social obligation, and that personal information is handled properly in the firm. Primeworks is committed to continued efforts of protecting personal information to remain a reliable patent firm.

System for protection of personal information

We have established a management system for protection of personal information appropriate to the actual practice and handles personal information properly and discreetly.

Collection of personal information

When we collect personal information, we define the purpose of collection clearly and use a lawful and fair means just sufficient to achieve that purpose.

Purpose of using personal information

We use personal information within the explicitly defined purpose of use.

Management of personal information

We take security measures including information security measures to maintain personal information accurate and up to date. We make utmost efforts to prevent unauthorized access to personal information and prevent loss, damage, tampering, leakage, etc. of personal information.


We comply with the laws, regulations, and norm applicable to personal information to assure protection of personal information.

Continued improvement

We have established a management system based on this guideline and will update and improve the details of the system on a continual basis.