As a company or corporate entity advances in modern society, a key survival factor requires the wisdom gained from IP. For you to properly make your mark in Japan, IP must not only be about what you seek to gain, but the most successful strategy of how to gain it. At Primeworks, we offer you the optimal strategy and support model for successfully achieving your goals.

We at Primeworks file applications for and obtain a multitude of patents and trademarks on behalf of our clients. Our office began as a business engaged in assisting industry-university cooperation with world-renowned scholars. The firm grew exponentially for ten years, and we are now considered to be one of the top IP firms in Japan. Our activities have expanded to support a broad clientele–universities, research institutes, and multinational corporations.

At Primeworks, we place great emphasis on establishing a special understanding through getting to know the client. We are here to serve you, even at a distance of several thousand miles.

Our business continues to be successful in:

  • building strong patents
  • increasing the scope and value of company trademarks
  • protecting our clients’ IP from infringement
  • performing contractual work and licensing of IP

Throughout this series of processes, we are able to support our clients with superior performance and reasonable cost.

Patent Prosecution activity is at the heart of our firm. It forms the keystone of our expertise in other fields: patent evaluation, transactions, litigation all start with the firm foundation of prosecution services we provide. Each of our members provides an integral part of the IP puzzle, and each member has both experience and expertise in all areas of patent prosecution before the JPO.



    Although we may actually be separated from the client by several thousands of miles, we constantly communicate with clients to completely understand their situation. Understanding the importance of the client, we are always ready to travel so that we can meet face-to-face.


    IP can provide balance in the new IT-based world where action will not be subject to traditional controls. In a highly networked society, natural science and social science are linked by IT and guided by IP. We make full use of IP focusing on its social impact.


    Technical curiosity drives our people. Before joining our team, each of our attorneys and technical specialists built their own record of academic and engineering achievements.
    By cultivating an atmosphere of intellectual inquisitiveness, we realize the broadest merits for our clients.


    Drawing on our experience working in research institutes, R & D environments, and IP sections of manufacturers, our people have been trained to understand and work on clients’ actual needs. Our services are designed to match both the qualitative and the quantitative aspects of our client’s needs.


    In most Japanese patent firms, the person who translates the specification is a professional translator and does not necessarily have a technical background. At Primeworks, the attorney handling the specification is also the translator, meaning a translation reflecting correct Japanese practice and full technical understanding is always guaranteed.


    Through several conversations with many JPO Examiners, we have developed good working relationships with them. Direct discussions with Examiners are useful to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding and to accelerate grant procedures.


    Although we started out as a firm helping industry-university cooperation, we have constantly expanded and now have clients ranging from universities to large corporations. We have the resources to handle a wide range of clients.


Managing Partner
Sakaki MORISHITA(Patent Attorney)
January 2000

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